Great Legacy of the Adult Cartoon

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In the wake of the American “tarzanides”, in 1946 Pantera Bionda was born, a lithe girl who created the first comic book scandal. The censorship intervened in a drastic way by requiring to cover her nudity (the Blonde Panther was wearing only a leopard bikini) with an impractical and absurd long skirt. 1965 marks the arrival of Valentina on the scene and the fact is important because the proposal of its creator, Guido Crepax, is new and stimulating. The journey of the 3D hentai cartoon started there only.

A cultured and refined eroticism that will make school all over the world

Valentina’s scenes always remain of a great artistic level, even if they often appear very disturbing and pushed.At the end of the 60s the fever of the porn comics broke out and the publisher Barbieri launched a myriad of publications that obtained, at least initially, a resounding success. They are the so-called “adult publications”, which go down heavy with designs and contents of dubious taste. The production even bordered on the transposition of famous fairy tales, such as Snow White and Cinderella, into deleterious pornographic series.

Among the characters of that period, Theodora, Pompea, Messalina, Jolanda, Maghella, Lucifera

In the world of porn were also active designers who later became important such as Milo Manara, who obtained in the 80s the official consecration with “The game” and the beautiful Honey. Even the great Magnus (pseudonym of Roberto Raviola, author of a memorable Texone) tried his hand at eroticism with “The 110 pills “, inspired by a classic of Chinese literature, and with Satanik, a beautiful redhead greedy for lust and wealth. Also noteworthy is the series of Mona Street by Leone Frollo, Little Ego by Vittorio Giardino and the prosperous Druuna, a sci-fi heroine by Eleuteri Serpieri. With this expression we mean the visual narration of chaining as an erotic means and end to express fantasies and transgressions bordering on sadomasochism.

The 50’s Adult Cartoons

In the 1950s, in the USA, “bondage” recorded enormous success, with production clandestine comics by correspondence, of works designed by Eneg, Stanton and John Willie. The decisive aspect of “bondage” in many ways is the peculiarity of the women’s outfit: tight corsets, stilettos, black stockings and garters, leather sweats .A repertoire that was able to unleash the wildest fantasies at the time. Among these heroines we must remember Gwendoline and Kitti Kane.